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I ordered this pad because I was having trouble finding a jump pad long enough for my 18" forward flap jump saddle. I was also having problems with saddle pads slipping backwards. This pad has resolved both problems. The pad fits well and does not slip. I have yet to ride with the pad in summer but during warm spring days we have had, the pad does a good job of keeping my horses back cool and dry after a hard workout.  Sue from Elgin, SC

- Sue

Headline: No sweat

Location: North carolina
Review: I turned out my mare today with her wraps on with polos wrapped on top. It's 100 degrees and she was covered in sweat. I decided to check under the wraps and they were completely dry! So happy I found a product she can wear in the heat! Can't wait to try more products.


- Randi

I got a young horse in training that seemed off balance and resistant especially through his neck and shoulders.  We found that he had an old injury to his neck as a baby in pasture. We did vetinary maintenance which helped improve him. a year later he started wearing fenwicka liquid titanium slinkie After wearing the liquid titanium slinkie he has been more supple and willing to do his job. His over all attitude has improved. He's happier and more playful over all. 

Bales Performance Horses, Los Angeles, CA

On Monday, January 18, 2016

- Marty Bales

Dear. Fenwick. 
We would like too tell You, that the mask have been magnificent for our horse.  Since  we started using the mask, Armstrong Laser has been  totally dry and cool when arriving at the racing track. Before that he was totally wet and shaky. We have now used the mask for three races and  in the races he has reached placements as 1. and two times 4. Before that he had galloped at the last 5 races. We are so happy. 
Yours sincerely, Jette Michaelsen Denmark

- Jette

I love the Hunter Pad.  It is very stylish.

- Betty Tetterton, SC

It is thick enough to use by itself or thin enough to use with a half pad.  And it is machine washable!

- Betty Tetterton, SC

The saddle pad fits very well.

- Angel Penna, NY, trainer

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