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About Us

     Fenwick Equestrian, a US based company, was created in 2009 when the founder, Wilhelmina McEwan, began looking for a unique alternative to mass market products for horses.  She wanted an exclusive, high performance product that was both stylish and functional.  Unable to find any alternatives that appealed to her, Wilhelmina and her brother Fred McEwan created Fenwick Equestrian.  She began to work with designers and industry experts in Europe to develop the perfect line of performance coolers, horse blankets, saddle pads, clothing and leg protection gear for all horse disciplines.

From start to finish, it was extremely important to the  Fenwick  design team that the merchandise was:

  • Top Quality
  • Exclusive—made in limited quantities using high performance fabrics
  • Stylish in fit, look and feel
  • Trendy and functional—the cutting edge in equine products.
  • Naturally therapeutic 

"Fenwick Equestrian is Horse Wear redefined"

     Today, Fenwick is an expanding, Equestrian product manufacturer providing distinctive, superior quality EquiGear to individuals and horse communities everywhere.  It stands apart from other companies because Fenwick's "Smart Fabric" products are tested in a "real life" situation at Fred and Wilhelmina’s thoroughbred training center in Camden, SC.  Ethical business practices and outstanding service are essential components of the company’s values and are what keeps Fenwick Equestrian competitive.  Fenwick measures its success based on repeat business, customer satisfaction and long term relations

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